Trowbridge Short Mat Bowls Club

Copyright - Trowbridge Short Mat Bowls ClubTuesday afternoons
14:15 to 16:45
and Friday afternoons
14:45 to 17:00

Contact the club via Ian on: 07748 458385

Short Mat Bowls originated in Ireland where, due to the rain, keen outdoor bowls players started rolling their woods around in the pub instead! The sport spread to Wales and the North of England and eventually the whole of the UK. There are now over 30 clubs in Wiltshire alone with people of all ages playing the game.

Trowbridge SMBC is a popular and friendly club, with three mats available for play, allowing up to 24 people to participate every session. Unlike outdoor bowls, we are able to play for the whole year and our league seasons are split between the summer and winter. We were runners-up in the Stevens Cup (effectively the Wiltshire County Championship) this year, having won the Central Division, but are always looking to improve. We also enter several other competitions during the year, but doing so is not compulsory. The Club is affiliated to both the Wiltshire SMBA and the England SMBA.

Having said that we play in the leagues, the main thing about bowls is to have fun, meet new people and make new friends, and some members just play for the fun, without entering competitions. We encourage players of all levels, including beginners to come for a fun time and try the game, whether or not you have played before. You will be very welcome and for those that want to learn or improve, we offer free coaching to our members.

Your first 2 visits are free and you have up to 8 sessions to decide if you like the game. After this, if the bowling bug bites you and you feel you would like to join this very sociable club, there is a small annual membership and for each session you attend (from your third visit) a small fee is payable, which includes refreshments. They are currently £10 and £3 respectively. We meet twice a week all through the year at this Community Centre.

In addition to bowling, the Club organises a Christmas meal.

Fancy giving it a go? If so, then before coming, please contact us using the above details to ensure that we are expecting you and can make any necessary arrangements.
See you soon!!